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Running the new Sheiko 4 day program and wondering why I ever moved away from high volume work. My body responds so well to it, and I’m feeling stronger and stronger every week.

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Anonymous: pulling off a 500 pound squat sounds impressive but you're fat and like 200 pounds. Which is not impressive.



I’m morbidly obese then.

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I honestly just don’t give a damn about anything but getting stronger. If I wasnt so tied down and broke and struggling and didnt need to make money to survive on and exist without struggling to meet basic needs, I’d just drop off the grid and lock myself away and just get inhumanly strong.


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Yus, djskay1 new video.

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..all I’m saying to you is, when I get under that bar something connects inside of me. Something that nothing else in this world fulfills that feeling. It is my drug, it is. It’s absolutely the one thing that I’ve given up pieces of my life. Given up pieces of my body, my mind. It’s not something that if you don’t understand no 10 minute video is going to make you get it.

But if you understand, then you’ll understand.

Brandon Lilly, on his quick comeback and why he lifts.  (via weaponsgradegains)

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Audrey Hepburn

Dream girl


Audrey Hepburn

Dream girl

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no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


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